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​He’s not just a drum teacher—he’s a rhythm maestro!

Since 2018 (and for over a decade before as a bestselling book and online course), he has coached hundreds of musicians across many instruments in mastering rhythm and timing. Great Rhythm Course alumni include performers, section leaders, All-State and All-Region musicians, Honor’s Recitalists, educators, and award-winning recording artists!


Join this elite community to refine your rhythm skills and elevate those around you.

The Great Rhythm Course offers not just rhythm and timing, but a lifetime of joyful music-making!


Get ready to level up and be part of something amazing!

Joe Seltzer Great Rhythm Drum Teacher


Looking for a convenient way to learn the drums? Look no further than With both in-person and online lessons available, you can choose the option that works best for you and start drumming journey today.

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Best Online On-demand Beginner Drum Lesson
Joe Seltzer Best Online On-demand Beginner Drum Lesson
 Best Online On-demand Beginner Drum Lesson
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“It’s not easy to find a teacher who is patient with beginners, but Joe Seltzer is definitely one of them! My children have learned and enjoyed themselves so much, and love sharing their new skills with me.”

Sandy Williams

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