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Joe Seltzer Great Rhythm Drum Teacher


For over 20 years, Joe has been the go-to drummer teacher in the Southwestern USA.  

A proven professional in a globe-full of styles, his old-school straight-shooting no-nonsense approach, paired with industry leading technology integration has earned him the attention and partnership of companies like

Vic Firth, Mapex, Shure, and Paiste.

You can get access to that knowledge and approach that has made Joe Seltzer the first call drummer in the southwest in a variety of styles and situations in regular weekly or intensive one-off lessons by contacting 

Joe today!

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He is a drum teacher, yes, but since 2018 (and for over a decade before it was a book and online course) he has coached hundreds of musicians of many instruments in the fundamentals of rhythm and timing. Great Rhythm Course Alumni are performers on a variety of instruments from acoustic guitar to zither.  They are ensemble section leaders, All-State and  All-Region musicians, Honor’s Recitalists, professional educators, and award-winning recording artists.  You can join this elite group, honing your skills for the benefit of your fellow musician. 

As you level-up your rhythm and timing, you will bring up those around you.

The “Great Rhythm” course teaches and reinforces not only great rhythm and timing; it develops the practice habit for a lifetime of joy-filled music-making.


Best Online On-demand Beginner Drum Lesson
Joe Seltzer Best Online On-demand Beginner Drum Lesson
 Best Online On-demand Beginner Drum Lesson
Hubbard's Music

“It’s not easy to find a teacher who is patient with beginners, but Joe Seltzer is definitely one of them! My children have learned and enjoyed themselves so much, and love sharing their new skills with me.”

Sandy Williams


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