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"Joe is awesome!  He helped me develop my music skills and a band that enabled me to travel to many different places and win many awards!  He's an incredible musician and friend."

-Jaylah Danielle - New Mexico Music Awards Multi-award winner

“I really appreciate the time and effort that he's put into individualizing lessons for my son, no matter the topic."

-Darci Deschamps – Student’s Mother

“Joe made every song come alive.” 
-Dave Kinkaid – award winning musical director

“Joe has a special way of teaching music in a way that engage youth of all ages. When he worked with kids from k-12 in our afterschool programs; I was amazed at his ability to adapt to the age, ability and interest of his youth."
-Rebecca Dow - 21st Century Learning Center Program

“I learned this approach to fundamentals as a 5th grader, now I used it daily with my own music students.” 
-Sam Carlton

“The U.S. Army School of Music was a serious challenge, and I knew that if I wanted to succeed in the audition, I would need a serious teacher.  Joe Seltzer is 100% that teacher.”
-Johnathan Villa 44th Army Band

“As “A” Singer: We lean and rely heavily on the drummer and Joe provides “A” SMOOTH ride to the shoreline… Like a TIDAL WAVE that he THUNDERS OUT… Love Joe Seltzer!”
-Frederick Alexander - Singer, Producer, Songwriter, Recording Artist

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