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Studio Policies

Booking a lesson is acknowledgement of these terms and conditions.

Joe Seltzer Studio Policies: 2022-23


To assist motivated and hard-working individuals in their exploration of music; empowering such exceptional individuals with knowledge, skills and experiences for a lifetime of musical enjoyment.

New Students:
All new and prospective weekly students must purchase "Great Rhythm" to be added to the wait list, and complete "Great Rhythm" through section 5 (or be able to perform the rhythms in section 5 at 120 bpm) to begin lessons.
Go to
To purchase and begin.
Use code GREAT22 to get the course for 75% off while the coupon lasts.

Some lessons are recorded in full or in part to create specialized material for you.  This video and or audio may be used for promotional or educational purposes by Joe.  This may include but is not limited to social media posts and or future educational productions.  If you do not want your lesson audio/video to be used, you must let me know in writing.

Weekly students
Regular weekly lessons will be on a “tuition” basis. To do this, subscribe to weekly or monthly recurring payment via my website  All payments are processed using industry leading payment processing (PayPal or Stripe) to ensure your payment is secure. This simplifies the payment process and allows me to focus on teaching my students rather than their payment.

Scheduling at this time is done directly with me. Call or message at 575-496-9185
I will send a message to confirm our lesson time.  

You must also have everything you need; sticks, required books, headphones, pencil and a notebook are required (see my website for required items)
Your preparation will make all the difference in your experience. Know that I spend time preparing for your lesson, expecting that you have practiced what we talked about in the last lesson and considering the best possible next step for your development.
I will dismiss students who consistently come unprepared, underprepared.
After a 12-month period, we can re-evaluate and consider resuming lessons space permitting.

My Cancellation:  Same Day
In the rare event that I have to cancel on short notice, you will have the opportunity to make-up that lesson within 60 days on one of my scheduled make up days or “as times become available” due to cancellations from other students. This is also only situation for which I may issue a refund.

My Cancellation: Advance Notice
Occasionally I will have an event that requires me to cancel lessons on certain times. I will generally offer a significant notice and provide for a high quality substitute to keep you on track (and to keep me on my A-game as your teacher!).

Your Cancellation: Same Day
If you have an emergency and must cancel on the same day as a lesson, you will be charged and allowed a make-up to be scheduled on one of my make-up days or “as times become available” to occur within 30 days of the cancellation.  If you cannot make a time in the 30 days from that same day cancellation, you forfeit your make-up and will not be refunded.

Your Cancellation: >24hr Notice
If you know you will miss a lesson, let me know as soon as possible.  As long as you let me know >24 hours in advance of the lesson you will be allowed to reschedule on a make-up day or “as times become available” to occur within 60 days from the missed lesson.  If you are unable to make-up in that time, you forfeit that lesson.


No call/No Show:A missed lesson is considered a no-call no-show if: 

  • You don’t call or text to cancel           

  • You call/text within 12 hours of lesson time           

  • You don’t show up at your scheduled lesson time.

If a situation is a “no-call/no-show”, no reschedule is available.  Each student is allowed 2 “no-call/no-show” in a rolling 12-month period. A third no call no show will result in immediate dismissal.  Any lessons you had remaining in a month and any lessons you may have had available as reschedules from other cancellation situations will also be forfeit without refund.

Special Dates:
You are responsible for rescheduling on the following dates that may fall on your lesson day as I do not teach on the following days.
New Years Day, April 6, July 4, July 7, October 22, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve.  The aforementioned do not fall under the cancellation policy.

Make up lessons:
Make up times are only available in those times when another student has observed the cancellation policy and times become available. If you are in need of a make-up time, I will message you as soon as I know about a possible make-up time.
Additionally, I can offer Zoom based make up lessons. I will notify via text when times come available due to the cancellations of other students.  These times are first come first served, and after 24 hours, I open the times to students on my waiting list. This is the biggest reason to give advance notice of cancellation, you may be helping another student the same way they may help you get that needed make up time.

RECITAL/SHOWCASE: 2x a year I host a student recital. There will be no lessons the week following a studio showcase/recital. The recital is an integral part of the educational experience and is the lesson of that calendar week. Zoom only students are exempt and will not be charged/refunded for that lesson.

Drum lessons are fun and an academic pursuit requiring certain materials.
All students will need:
     their own sticks, brushes, bag
     isolation headphones
     books as required
     something to write with
and at home
     practice pad
     drum set
Optional but highly recommended: iPad or other IOS device, used is fine.
- recommend apps: mimiCopy, tempo, Moises, Presonus Notion, home recording equipment

All of these items can be found at competitive prices at
Hubbard's Music

Recschedule & Refund POLICY:
Rescheduling is available:
You must confirm a reschedule time within 7 days of the original lesson date no more than 30 days after the original lesson date.
Refunds are issued only in the event of my personal emergency cancellation and at my discretion.
You forfeit the right to reschedule if you cancel less than 24 hours from the scheduled appointment for any reason and will not be issued a refund.
Please note:
We can discuss details verbally, but you must text me the details we discussed.

All students must set up auto billing through my website at You will keep the price you sign up for lessons for the duration of your studies. Rates are increased for new students each calendar year.

See website for current pricing.

Discontinuing Service:
All good things come to an end, if you need to discontinue lessons, just let me know.  I do require 2 weeks notice to allow me to fill the roster spot and handle cancelling your billing.  You can stop auto billing at any time but are subject to PayPal's billing policies.








Booking a lesson is acknowledgement of these terms and conditions.

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