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Wright Bros. Day

December 17 is Wright Brother’s Day.

If you don’t know the story of the Wright Bros., and I don’t just mean the first in flight story that we all know, look into it. Here’s a link to a very thorough telling of the Wright Brothers quest for flight.

Its hard to imagine as a drummer that I’ll be doing anything quite so universe-denting as "being the first to succeed in inventing controls that made fixed wing powered and manned flight possible."

However, to do our best in our own field we can take from their example.

  1. They weren’t the only ones trying to create an airplane, and...

  2. They definitely didn’t have the most financial or manpower resources.

  3. They had a clear vision.

  4. They applied discipline to that vision.

I’m just a drummer and teacher in an area that is not known for its music. Far away from the hustle and bustle of music metropoles like New York, Nashville, Austin, and LA.

That being said, I want to continue to be the name that comes up when coastal talent comes through and needs a pro drummer, AND I give my students the best opportunity to learn the drums, period, as though I was in LA or NY.

I don’t have the name some do.

I don’t have the budget some do.

I do have a clear vision.

I am applying daily discipline to that vision.

That was alot of "me" talk but I do that to say this...


It starts with 1 step in the direction of your objective.

Decide on 1 habit that moves you in the direction of your vision.

Commit today, repeat tomorrow.

Need support or help finding that "first step"?

Go to for FREE daily success lessons from THE world’s best.

Need something easy to get you on the daily path?

Visit to get in the daily practice habit again.

All the best!

Joe Seltzer


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