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Now available: Home STUDIO MUSICIAN E:2

Episode 2 of “The Home Studio Musician” is up on YouTube and on your favorite podcast app.

This time we visit with Berlin, Germany based mixing engineer Alessandro Costa. You can find him in sessions at the Blaques Room studios in Berlin. As you will hear in the podcast, Alessandro’s work is highlighted by artist relationship and understanding as well as clarifying the artist’s vision for each project. This helps him in mixing the music to best emphasize and realize the artists


Once you have listened to our brief conversation on the mixing process and Alessandro’s particular ideas on how a remote studio musician can record their part and contribute to each project at the highest possible level; make sure you listen to his examples on Soundcloud, connect on LinkedIn and follow him on Instagram.

You can get pricing information on his Sound Better profile as well.

Until next time.

Go make good art!



Great recordings don't happen by accident, you can manipulate recorded sound with plug-ins, quatization, filters and the like. But you can't fix something that is broken; you can't make diamonds out of glass, or a little less delicately...

You cant polish a turd.

All accomplished musicians have one thing in common... excellent rhythm.

You might be thinking, "You have to be born with great rhythm." But my 20+ years of teaching proves the contrary, you can learn, develop and hone your rhythm skill, no matter your age or instrument, and I personally am proof of that statement. For a long time I grossly overestimated my personal rhythm, tempo, and timing. Until I realized that I wasn't near as good as I thought and I wanted to realize my inner badass.

If you are tired of sucking or you simply want to level-up your already solid skills, I want to go with you! Come learn more about how I help growth minded musicians achieve GREAT RHYTHM.

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